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Diego Trinciarelli

Address: Wolfratshauser Str. 60, 81379, Munich, Germany
Mobile: +49 15751532956
Github: public repo

I'm a passionate and enthusiast software developer, i love designing architectures and building applications, services and tools, and all the challenges in building and integrating different platforms.


Software Design

Software Requirements Analisys, Object Oriented Application Design, SOA Design, Database Design, Design Patterns, Mobile Application Design, Secure Software Practices

Mobile Developer

iOS native, Xamarin, Mobile UX, Mobile Security, iOS Debugging and Profiling, App Store Publishing and Strategies

Web Developer

Asp.Net/Asp.Net MVC, Web/Rest Api Design and Implementation, responsive UIs, HTML5, CSS3

.Net Developer

Web Services, SQl Server, MySql, MS Azure, Amazon AWS,Linq,, Unit Testing, Cryptography

Soft Skills

Good Communication Skills (English and Italian), Strong Work Ethic, Always Positive and Propositive, Problem Solver, Able to Manage my Own Time and Duties, Self Confident


Brainloop.comMobile Software Developer | Dec 2013 - Today

  • Senior developer, my tasks are to further develop and maintain the current mobile apps and to design and lead the development of the new multi-platform native apps while supporting our support team in identyfying and solving customer issues and the pre sales team in responding to user queries about our products.
    • Brainloop Secure Client: design of the new application architechture as a multiplatform native app (using Xamarin and MVVMCross + native ObjectiveC) and development of the core logic and iOS version, leading the development of Android and Win Store versions.
    • Brainloop Mobile legacy app: maintenance and development of Brainloop's iPad app (Xamarin + iOS native).
    • Brainloop Secure Client for MAC: supporting the development of the new MAC native app
    • Brainloop QR Code Scanner: development of the QR Code scanner, a 2 factor authentication app for Brainloop's services. (Xamarin)
  • Technology: Xamarin, C#, ObjectiveC, iOS, Android, Web Services, Mobile Application Security, Crypto Security (PKCS, Rsa, Aes), MVVMCross, Adobe pdf/xfdf formats, Unit Tests, Scrum, TFS

FreelanceMobile and Web Developer | March 2013 - Jan 2013

  • Working with customers (agencies, software houses, startups) to design and develop mobile (ios) and web platforms ( mvc).
    • LocalActors: a croudfunding site, to finance social projects all over the world. Backend programming, DB, deployment and devops.
    • Mission Alphabots: a webapp for children, linked to a physical product. Backend programming, DB, deployment, api design and devops
    • Brandsi: a web/mobile application for couponing and customer loyalty. I Developed the whole web app (customer frontend, admin area, backend, web api) and structure the architecture and deployment processes (AWS)
  • Technology: Objective C, Asp.Net MVC, C#, HTML 5, jquery, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Web API, Unit Tests

StartifyLead Developer/CTO | May 2013 - Dec 2013

  • Startify aims at building a platform to help entrepreneurs and investors meet and improve their businesses
  • Designing and building the web solution that will drive the newborn community/platform
  • Technology: Asp.Net MVC 4, C#, HTML 5, javascript,jquery, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server

Timbuktu LabsCTO/Lead Developer | May 2012 - March 2013

  • Timbutu makes an iPad app for children: part educational, part entertainment.
  • I was in charge of designing and developing the full technological stack for Timbuktu, coordinating the effort of 2 native developers and an Html dev. ( I designed the whole architecture from the ground up trying to maximize flexibility and reliability under heavy loads and ease of maintenance.
  • Technology: Objective C, Asp.Net MVC, C#, HTML 5, jquery, Amazon AWS, Html5, CSS3, Unit Tests

FreelanceMobile and Web Developer | Aug 2010 - May 2012

  • Web (.net, HTML5,) and Mobile (iOS native) app development, working for customers (Alitalia, Fastweb) and some personal projects
    • an instagram web interface, actually totals 6000 unique visitors a day.
    • a factory outlet directory, linked to the sister mobile app (iOutlets)
    • a small tool to reformat json text and to build class hierarchies from json (objective-c and c#).
  • I also started working on my own iOS applications, building and publishing on the app store 7 apps, with some decent results (NeatList: 30k downloads, iOutlets: 20k downloads)
  • Technology: Apple iOS SDK, Objective C, MVC, sql server, c#, jquery, javascript

Banca ITB SPASenior Software Developer | Sep 2009 - Aug 2011

  • Business Bank Startup, born to provide banking services to every single tobacco retailer
  • I was in charge of the software design and implementation of some mission critical tools, mainly using the Microsoft software stack:
    • Digital Signature Solution: I managed the software design and leaded the development of one of the first banking digital signature tools in Italy, designing the solution architecture, integrating with partners and with other internal services.
    • Services Monitoring System: I was in charge of the design and development of a relatively small solution (webapps, services, webservices) used to monitor and report through SharePoint on internal and external services status.
    • SOA Integration on partner’s services: I was in charge of designing and developing the SOA layer used by the bank to communicate with third party services, integrating logging, reporting and service status management
    • Crypto Service: I designed and developed a cryptographic web service to securely handle cryptographic functions (asynchronous and synchronous encryption, hashing, secure key management) for client applications. It was used to encrypt and secure SSNs, Credit Card Numbers and sensitive data.
    • Bank's SharePoint intranet styling and configuration
  • Technology: Microsoft, c#, JavaScript, sql server, SOAP Web services, Rest web services, MVC, iText, Cryptosecurity (pkcs, rsa, aes, digital signature)

AccentureSystem Analyst | Mar 2007 - Sep 2009

  • Accenture Business Outsourcing is a branch of the firm that outsources parts of the customer's business (usually non core, expensive administrative branches)
  • I was the Lead developer in a team of 4 people, directly reporting to the manager, working on internal and business supporting tools and products.
    • Invoice Reconciliation Tool: I was in charge of the software design and leaded the development of a webapp used by Accenture and his customers to reconcile vendor invoices with the accounting systems (SAP).
    • Service Desk: I designed and build a complete service desk system from scratch (built upon BMC Remedy) to support one of the biggest Outsourcing deals of the year and then I managed the maintenance, development and operations of the product. It’s still in production; managed by the same people I trained.
    • Fast Invoice processing: I was part of a team of developers working on the F.I.P. systems, my main task was to maintain and improve the existing system, troubleshoot problems, support the customer in the day by day operations, integrate with new customers and develop tools.
  • Technology: C#,, sql server, excel libraries, html, css, JavaScript,BMC Remedy, Oracle 9i, IBM Filenet, TIS Ocr tools

TXT E-Solutions SPASoftware Engineer | Jul 2005 - Mar 2007

  • Mid size Italian/Global engineering firm (800 employees), i was working in the financial branch of the company
  • various customer projects in the banking and finance sector. I managed small projects and worked on many different technologies, ranging from java to sharepoint, javascript and .net.
  • Technology: Microsoft, c#, html, css, JavaScript, SharePoint, java, jsp, yahoo yui, jquery

FreelanceWeb Developer | Mar 2002 - Jul 2005

  • Working as a freelance and as an independent publisher, i built and managed a small network of websites
  • I worked as a freelance web designer/developer in my hometown, building webapps/websites for customers and personal projects
  • Technology: Microsoft asp 3.0, sql server, html, css, java, vb 6, photoshop, ms access, vb script

MultiService SrlJunior Web Developer | Jun 2000 - Nov 2001

  • A small web shop in my hometown, here i learned how to build software and webapps.
  • Small company in my hometown, specialized in web applications and web design for the local market. This was my first real introduction to software and web development
  • Technology: Microsoft asp, sql server, access, php, html+css, vb 6, photoshop

Liceo Scientifico E.Fermi (Cecina) - High School Diploma - 1998


  • 2006 Microsoft MCP
  • 2006 Microsoft MCAD Web Developer .NET
  • 2009 NLP Practitioner
  • 2010 NLP Master Practitioner
  • 2010 Professional Coaching
  • 2012 Microsoft MCTS .net Framework 4.0 Service Communication Applications (WCF 4.0)
  • 2012 Microsoft MCTS .net Framework 4.0 Data Access
  • 2012 Microsoft MCTS .net Framework 4.0 Web Applications
  • 2012 Microsoft MCPD Web Developer 4.0
  • 2012 attended 3 Months of 500 Startups workshops and lessons
  • 2014 attended Xamarin Evolve Atlanta


  • Indigeni Digitali: Milan Ambassador (until Dec 2013)
  • Appsterdam Milan: Organizer, Speaker (until Dec 2013)
Hackatons, Technology, Networking, Video Games, Fitness, Food and Wine, Traveling, DIY, Reading